As being one of the best-kept secrets, Turkey has some of the most beautiful and varied natural landscapes in the world. It is surrounded by Black Sea in the north, Aegean Sea in the west and The Mediterranean in the south. Its in-land sea, Marmara is connected to The Black Sea and Aegean Sea by two one of its kind waterways, The Bosphorus and The Dardanelles. These embrace more than 5000 miles of unspoiled rocky and sandy beaches – some situated half an hour drive from mountain ski resorts, expansive fields, lush green forests, splendid lakes, rivers, waterfalls, vineyards, high mountains, even dormant volcanos and deserts. Unique landscapes such as Hierapolis- Limestone Terraces filled with warm water all through the year and Cappadocia- Fairy Chimneys, naturally formed rock formations. Thousands of years of old ancient ruins and more recent historic architecture coexist with hi-Tec office towers. Old Bazaars continue to thrive within walking distance of modern shopping malls. A wide range of landscapes that change noticeably in a space of few kilometres offers the possibility of shooting various takes in different surroundings within the same day.