Due to its geographical position, Turkey is ideally suited to filming all around the year. The diversity of the climate and the landscape offer the possibility of finding 4 different seasons during the same period within the country. In the South, days are warm and sunny almost all through the year. Rainfall is rare in the summer months.

Average Daytime Temperatures in Antalya:

Jan 10°C
Feb 11°C
Mar 12°C
Apr 14°C
May 19°C
June 25°C
July 28°C
Aug 27°C
Sept 24°C
Oct 18°C
Nov 11°C
Dec 11°C

In the North, you can enjoy cool summers, mist and sometimes rain surrounded by lush green mountains adjacent to Black Sea.In the East, snow topped mountains will strike you almost anytime of the year.In the Central Anatolia, dry weather will help you to get the desert look in summer in its vast plains, whereas you can shoot snow covered crop fields or peculiar rock formations called “Fairy Chimneys” in winter.